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Welcome to Roadhouse Refurbished Computer Systems.
Our price list is updated every 7 to 10 days on average. Make sure you have the latest version. Please note that ALL PCs are upgraded to Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro 64 bit at NO additional charge. These are new FULL clean installs with the latest drivers, MS updates, and even the hardware BIOS on all systems. We do NOT upgrade operating systems. We perform full clean and latest installs on ALL PC systems laptops or desktops.
No matter what operating system is listed on our price and product sheet, please know your system will be running a full and legal copy of Windows 10 when it is delivered to you.

Make sure you check out our entrylevel systems. Freat for kids working from home or in school, and great for anyone that may be locked in due o COVID or other illnesses. Great prices. Great products. That's what RHR offers! Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Linked In and Nextdoor. We normally post under the name Mitek Computers LLC or RoadHouse Refurbs Co. We love what we do. We love our customers and if you simply ask around, you wil lsee very quickly that our reputation for excellence is well deserved.


Our Latest Price/Product Sheet in PDF Format Updated 8/30/2021 Price Sheet
Our Latest Price/Product Sheet As Text Updated 8/30/2021 Price Sheet
Our Latest Price/Product Sheet As Word DOC Updated 8/30/2021 Price Sheet
Our Latest Price/Product Sheet As Open Office or Libre Office ODT Updated 8/30/2021 Price Sheet

Roadhouse Refurbs is the newest division of Mitek Computers LLC located in beautiful Berea Ky. Mitek Computers has been a staple of Berea life since 2001 and we are one of the longest lasting and always open computer business in this area. We have spent decades building our reputation and our customer base, and we have worked diligently to make sure our customers are satisfied with every aspect of our company whether it be system repairs, custom built computer systems, web design, network and network cable installations as well as high end refurbished systems.

We have been doing this a long, long time and to be honest we are one of the best in the business.

A couple of years ago, as the computer repair business started to die down because of falling prices on cheap replaceable systems, we determined that we would stay in the higher end side of the business by offering our customers, old and new, commercial high end Intel based I series systems for a fraction of what they would cost new.

We are talking about super nice business style i5 and i7 and even i9 systems that will blow most other computers our of the water. We have systems that are built specifically for 3D architecture, systems that are built mainly for the corporate computer world, high end servers that could control an entire company, workstations that will keep your employees extremely happy, and best of all, our systems are priced between 1/4 and 1/2 of what a NEW comparable system would cost.

And get this, we offer a full 6 month hardware warranty on every refurbished system that Roadhouse Refurbs sends out the door. From what we know this is one of the best warranties on any refurbished system in the industry. We can even upgrade our warranty to 1 year or even 3 years for a small fee. One more thing. In the past 3 years or so we have sold literally dozens of our high end refurbished systems, and in that time we have yet to have one single return due to a hardware failure either under warrant or out of warranty. How is that for dependability

Our systems are the highest caliber, cleanest, A+ to A- grade systems you will find anywhere at any price,. In fact we know that you will have an extremely hard time differentiating between our refurbished system and a new system right off the shelf. You will know however when you see how much money you can save with our extremely high end commercial and business systems,. We bring you the best of the best at prices that most people find almost too good to be true. We are loyal to our customers, just as they are loyal to us.

So PLEASE quit wasting money of these 199$-299$ systems from the BIG BOX stores. They are junk, they will always be junk, and no matter how much you spend trying to make them better and gain higher performance , well you are simply throwing good money after bad. Do yourself, your family, and your life a favor. Spend a little more and get something that will give you years of trouble free service and will serve your needs wonderfully. Grab a $2000-$4000 dollar PC from Roadhouse Refurbs for $899 or less. We have systems starting at $399 and our average system sells for around $599 to $699. These systems new would easily cost anywhere from $1595 to $3995 new and in most cases would not even have half the features and upgrades that our refurbished systems have.

One thing to know and remember. When we refurbish our systems, we do so as if we were building them for ourselves or our families. We only want the best for ourselves, and more importantly want the best for our customers. It really is that simple.

Thanks so much for visiting our site. We do hope you will look around and see what we have to offer. Our stock changes almost daily and our website is updated weekly with our latest offerings.

If you need to contact us for any reason please email or or even

You can text message us at (859) 893-4954 or call us at (859) 985-0050. We are always availbe and if not simply leave a voicemail and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

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A Division of Mitek Computers LLC Located in Berea Ky.
2001-Present Day